The Eastern Indonesian region is unique in boasting the highest economic growth rate in Indonesia and is expected to demonstrate long term, sustained economic growth. These favorable economic conditions have led to increased automobile demand both for personal and commercial transportation. Bosowa Automotive as one of the longest running businesses in Sulawesi has the advantage of an in-depth knowledge about the market in the this region. This is an advantage that also challenges Bosowa Automotive to keep providing the best quality of service.

Realizing the market potential and the community’s need of an integrated transportation system, Bosowa Automotive also branched out into transportation service business. The Automotive group was the pioneer of Bosowa’s business and expansion. Originating from being a distributor of Japanese cars, Datsun, in 1978, Bosowa Automotive has continued to grow, and now is the exclusive distributor of Mitsubishi. With over 40 years of experience, Bosowa Automotive has become the market leader in the Eastern Indonesian region.

bosowa berlian motor

Bosowa Berlian Motor is the exclusive dealer for Mitsubishi cars, offering one-stop solutions for consumers to purchase, maintain, and service any Mitsubishi car. Bosowa Berlian Motor offers a variety of superior products for transportation. Also, Bosowa Berlian Motor operates branches in almost every province in the Eastern Indonesian region, stretching from Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara, to Papua.

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Gowa motor

Gowa Motor is the post-sales service supporting Bosowa Berlian Motor in order to provide consumers the car maintenance and related services. Bosowa Automotive operates service centers across Bosowa Berlian Motor’s sales region.

bosowa Taxi

Bosowa Taxi is a transportation service operating since 1987 in Makassar and is the trusted market leader. In 1999, Bosowa Taxi entered the market in Java Island, first entering Surabaya and expanding to Banyuwangi.