The cement industry has become one of the backbones of Indonesia’s economy. The government’s commitment to build large-scale infrastructure, in addition to the increase in society’s housing needs, has resulted in Indonesia becoming of the largest construction markets in the world. Demand for cement in Indonesia is projected to increase substantially going forward.

To fulfill the projected long term, high demand for cement products, Bosowa Cement has expanding its cement operations in raw material mining, cement production, logistical provision, distribution network, as well as ready-mix. Currently, production and marketing of cement is the core business of Bosowa.

With its cement production capacity reaching 7.2 million tons per year, Bosowa Cement is the fourth largest cement group and the only private national cement company in Indonesia. Bosowa Cement is centralized in East Indonesia, a region with the fastest growth in the country.

Maros Factory

The Maros factory is located in the Maros District, South Sulawesi an serves as the main factory for Bosowa Cement. This factory is located on a limestone mine site, which is the staple material for cement production, providing advantaged access to raw material supply. The Maros factory also produces its own clinker with the capacity of 4 million tons per year and cement with the production capacity of 4.2 million tons per year.

Batam Factory

Batam factory is located in Batam, Riau Islands, serving consumers in West Indonesia with a cement production capacity of 1.2 million tons per year.

Banyuwangi Factory

This factory located in Banyuwangi, East Java, is aimed at consumers in Java, Bali, and Nusa Tenggara Islands with the cement production capacity of 1.8 million tons per year.

Supporting Logistic & Infrastructure

In addition to the cement factory, Bosowa Cement owns supporting logistic and infrastructure business, ensuring the quality, efficiency, and good management throughout the cement chain. The integrated activities consist of processes to provide raw material, transportation and logistical service for both by land and sea, unloading and loading service, and a cement packing service. In addition to the packing facility inside the cement factory, Bosowa Cement owns a few packing services in certain strategic markets.