Bosowa founded Bosowa Education to complement Bosowa’s commitment to create human resources with quality, competency, professionalism, as well as competitiveness and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Starting with a scholarship program for high achieving high school students from top public schools, Bosowa then offered quality education from kindergarten to university for the wider community. To fulfill the community’s various educational needs, Bosowa Education owns several schools and universities offering different programs, including the national curriculum, the religious curriculum, the boarding school curriculum, and an international curriculum. Bosowa Education’s future goal is to increase the quality and caliber of schools and universities under its supervision and management.


A range of academic studies is offered for preschool, kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, and high school. Bosowa Education offers various curricula starting from national, religious, inte


Universities include higher education and polytechnic. Bosowa University applies the link and match concept that allows higher education to design a curriculum corresponding to the needs of the business world.

bosowa university

Before taken over by Mr. Aksa Mahmud in 2013, Bosowa University was previously called University 45 founded by Andi Sose, an Indonesian national hero from South Sulawesi. Andi Sose’s vision to develop and improve human resources in Eastern Indonesia region will be maintained by Bosowa.

Bosowa University provides 10 faculties with 30 study programs. Degrees awards are provided for undergraduate and graduate level work.

Several link and match methods applied in this University include:

  1. Internship program providing students access to practice internship in every Bosowa company.
  2. Guest lecturer programs inviting practitioners.
  3. Curriculum design corresponding to the needs of the business world.

bosowa polytechnic

Bosowa Polytechnic was founded with the purpose of preparing students with special skills to increase competitiveness and to support the industrial growth of Indonesia.

Bosowa polytechnic is an alternative private educational institution with affordable cost and scholarship options. Bosowa polytechnic is supported with a strong link and match concept to prepare a competitive workforce, such as:

1. Field practicum in Bosowa.
2. More than 50% of laboratory practicum is held in Bosowa.