Financial Services

The increase in domestic economic growth has resulted in an increase in the demand for financial services. Bosowa recognized this market potential in the financial sector and coordinated this growth with that of its business networks. Bosowa Finance provides comprehensive service to arrange financial support and to strengthen Bosowa’s businesses. Bosowa Finance offers an integrated product portfolio providing a wide range of financial solutions. Bosowa Finance consists of four main business sectors : banking, insurance, multi-finance, and financial securities. Bosowa’s banking sector includes Bukopin Bank, where Bosowa is the major and controlling shareholder, and QNB Indonesia Bank.

Bukopin Bank

Bukopin Bank was founded on July 10, 1970. Bukopin Bank is a listed entity that is traded on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. In 2015, Bosowa officially became a controlling shareholder in Bukopin Bank. Bukopin Bank is a middle to upper tier bank with experience of more than four decades in small to mid-size business segments and also does business in the co-op and micro segments. Currently Bukopin Bank has four main business areas : Micro Business, Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), co-op, Consumer Business, and Commercial Business. To achieve a leading position in the financial services industry, Bukopin Bank focuses each of its business areas on a) strong business development and b) providing the best services for clients through a superior human resources and information technology infrastructure.

QNB Indonesia

Bosowa partners with one of the strongest banks in the world, Qatar National Bank (QNB) as the second biggest shareholder of QNB Indonesia Bank (originally was Kesawan Bank, then QNB Kesawan Bank). QNB Indonesia is also a foreign exchange bank and tax-collecting bank. Kesawan Bank itself was founded in 1913 and has been listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange since 2002. Through continuous growth in performance, QNB Indonesia Bank strengthened its reputation as a leading global bank by providing innovative products. To accelerate its growth, QNB Indonesia Bank formulated a series of values that became the principal foundation for top quality banking services in Indonesia. QNB Indonesian Bank is consistently implementing its value system to achieve its vision, which is to become the best performing bank in Indonesia.


Bosowa’s insurance business is active in general insurance (loss) and health insurance. Bosowa Insurance offers a variety of insurance products, including automotive insurance, accident insurance, property insurance, and contractor risk. To reach communities in big cities across Indonesia, Bosowa Insurance is supported by branch offices, representatives, and marketing units. Bosowa Insurance is a healthy and competitive business in Indonesia’s burgeoning insurance sector.


This business segment operates financing for personal transportation, commercial transportation, and used cars. Supported by a captive market from Bosowa Berlian Motor, Bosowa Multi-finance has a substantial market share in financing for Mitsubishi products. Moreover, Bosowa Multi-finance collaborates with various other automotive brand dealers.


Bosowa Securities is a member of Indonesia Stock Exchange, providing brokerage and underwriting service. As the trading hub of Eastern Indonesia, Makassar needs to be supported with good facilities and infrastructure, including strong capital raising capability.