Makassar has high development potential and currently is a key prospective target of property developers. To meet Makassar’s property development demands, in 1980 Bosowa entered the sector. Currently, the Bosowa Property business has developed residential and building management services, commercial buildings, and construction related services.

Residential and Building Management

As a metropolitan city and hub of services in the Eastern Indonesia region, Makassar is the logical location for modern office buildings and related real estate endeavors. Bosowa has built a variety of housing in several locations in Makassar to satisfy the needs of the community. In particular, Bosowa led the development of Bosowa Tower, which is the highest and largest office building in Eastern Indonesia, with 360 degree view of Makassar city.


Bosowa Hotels consists of two hotels located in Makassar city : the Imperial Aryaduta Hotel and the Novotel Makassar.


Awal Bros Hospital in Makassar is the result of a partnership between Bosowa Corporindo with Awal Bros Group. Awal Bros Hospital consistently provides the best service by prioritizing speed, hospitality, accuracy, and insight to patients’ needs. This hospital is equipped with a 24 hour Emergency Room (ER), in-patient care, out-patient care, medical check up facilities, a pharmacy, a laboratory, radiology services, and other technologies to help simplify medical treatments.


Bosowa is a contractor with considerable experience in constructing the high quality buildings and infrastructure in the Eastern Indonesia region. Bosowa has completed various projects in East Indonesia Timur, especially Papua and Sulawesi. After in-depth research, Bosowa developed road construction by using cement concrete, also referred to as “concrete road”. Concrete road has a higher durability compared to asphalt road. A leading example of b concrete road development in Indonesian is the highway construction of Section I and II in Makassar. This highway is currently the most important transportation access to Makassar.