About Bosowa Foundation

The Bosowa Foundation is a nonprofit organization under Bosowa Corporindo. Bosowa Foundation bridges and conducts the social function of the company to bring positive impact to the welfare and to increase the human resources quality in Indonesia, especially in Eastern Indonesia.

The vision of Bosowa Foundation is to become the pioneer in BOSowa foundation establishing high quality future generations who are independent and useful to the society. With the founding of Bosowa Foundation, the social activities of companies within Bosowa Corporation network can be organized better and more professionally. Bosowa Foundation’s works are focused on education, humanities, and culture.


One of the largest scholarship programs in Bosowa Foundation is Bosowa Merit Scholarship, which offers scholarships to students from South Sulawesi with high achievements, honorable personalities, and strong leadership spirits, to pursue undergraduate level education at top universities in Indonesia, Education such as the University of Indonesia, Gajah Mada University, Institute of Technology Bandung, Institute of Agriculture Bogor, and Institute of Technology Surabaya. Furthermore, Bosowa offers other scholarship programs for children of Bosowa employees and for the general public.

humanities and religion

As part of society, Bosowa is active in various community and religious activities, such as emergency disaster relief and blood donation drives, provision of sacrificial (Qurban) animals, breaking-the-fast gatherings during Ramadhan, mosque construction, mobile preachers, and charity.

Social and culture

Bosowa Social and Culture plays a role in various social and cultural activities, such as conducting social activities and arts and culture. In the social sector, Bosowa holds various workshops related to health, family, and motivation building. In the cultural sector, Bosowa often became the main sponsor of various arts and culture events in South Sulawesi. One of the arts and culture events sponsored by Bosowa was the showing of "I La Galigo" based on a world masterpiece from South Sulawesi.