Bosowa is a national private company started up in 1973 in Makassar, South Sulawesi. Bosowa’s name comes from the name of three Bugis Kingdoms: Bone, Soppeng, and Wajo.

Bosowa is structured in six primary business groups, which include automotive, cement, mining and energy, financial service, property, and education. In addition to these six primary business groups, Bosowa is active in a several pilot projects in media, sports, and agriculture.

Furthermore, Bosowa is engaged in CSR activities in education, humanities and religion, and social and cultural fields.

1970s Decade

CV Moneter was founded as the embryo of
Bosowa on February 22nd, 1973 in Makassar.

Later it became a Limited Liability Company
under the name PT Moneter Motor and
gained the exclusive rights to be the official
dealer of Datsun automobile for the Eastern
Indonesia region.

1980s Decade

PT Moneter Motor became the trusted sales and distributor for Mitsubishi automobile for the Eastern Indonesia region and changed its name to PT Bosowa Berlian Motor.

PT Bosowa Berlian Motor developed into the leading automotive distributor in Eastern Indonesia and became the driving force of Bosowa’s business expansion in commerce, construction, and agriculture. This entity then entered into the financial sector by building a multi-finance company. The combined businesses are referred to as Bosowa.

1990s Decade

Bosowa entered the manufacturing industry by
establishing PT Semen Bosowa Maros, as well as
building supporting distribution, logistics, and
transportation business.

Bosowa entered the infrastructure business by building the Ir. Sutami highway in Makassar. Bosowa also developed the financial service business by acquiring an insurance company.

2000s Decade

Bosowa expanded in various business areas by building a cement factory in Batam, acquiring and building several highways in Jabodetabek (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi) and Makassar.

Bosowa also entered the property industry by building the Bosowa Tower and acquiring Aryaduta Hotel in Makassar. Further, Bosowa underwent a company leadership transition from the founder to the second generation.

2010s Decade

Bosowa diversified its financial service sector by acquiring Bukopin Bank and Kesawan Bank (now QNB Indonesia Bank) and a financial securities company.

Bosowa also entered the education field by acquiring University 45 (now Bosowa University). Bosowa strengthened its infrastructure sector by building a steam-powered electricity generator in Jeneponto, South Sulawesi, and LPG storage facilities in Makassar and Banyuwangi. Bosowa further increased the capacity of its cement business by building a second line in Maros and a cement factory in Banyuwangi.