Attention: Beware of Fake Jobs Ads

With respect to the circulation of fake employment ads, we expect the public to beware of advertising job vacancies which circulated through social media and instant messaging (Whatsapp and Line) via message blast.

The characteristics of fake jobs ads, for examples, offer a fairly high salary and enticing facilities without listing the position or field of work in detail. As for the phone number, address and electronic mail address shown is fictive and not clear. This led to request transfer of funds in a certain amount.

If you receive information about job vacancies, the public expected to do things as the following before submitting your CV:

(a) Search the Company Name. Look for the name of the company especially on the internet, if the company is an official company, they had an original website, not in a blog. Job vacancies will be listed on the official web.

(b) Direct Contact. If the companies' contact number listed, you may call the contact number to ensure the existence of the company. If contacted 1 time still not connected, you can contact back up to 3 times in different times.

(c) Avoid Money Transactions. Official company very rarely or never charge fees in the recruitment of employees.

(d) Examine Further. If the job listed in the daily newspapers Kompas and suspicious, you should contact the advertising section of the Daily Kompas. Ask or say the information on the suspicious job posting to be immediately acted upon.