pioneer project

Pioneer Project is a project under development in Bosowa.

Bosowa Agro

Bosowa Agro is active in the food business, especially in processing
seaweed, shrimp, and milkfish, as well as in agriculture. With a vision
to improve Indonesia’s food sustainability and empower
a community - based economy, Bosowa Agro is committed
to engage with the local communities, especially
South Sulawesi communities.

Media and Sports

In line with Bosowa’s vision to increase the quality of human resources in Eastern Indonesia, Bosowa expanded to the media and sports sectors. Bosowa owns print media such as newspaper, and electronic media such as radio and television. Furthermore, Bosowa manages several sports facilities such as a driving range, mini soccer, and a soccer club.

Investment Portfolio

The Investment Portfolio refers to a company that invests in equity securities. This company is owned as on a minority basis (i.e. not controlled by Bosowa). Currently Bosowa is part owner in one investment portfolio in the infrastructure sector.